We understand how hard it is to share your dream with the world.

It makes such a difference to have skilled, compassionate support along the way.

But so many retreat and conference centers are impersonal and corporate.

Enter Providencia Pond Retreat.

Our purpose is to provide a community of support along with an elegant retreat space so you can focus on sharing your ideas and vision.

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Host Your Event With Us in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Reach Out

Let us know the kind of event you envision.  Stick to the big picture or get into the details – it’s up to you!

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Step 2

Design Your Package

We’ll reach out to you to discuss your ideas and design a package that will make your event shine!

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Step 3

Share Your Dream

We’ll take care of all the details so, on the day, you can focus on your ideas and your audience.

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Businesses We’ve Worked With

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You have a big dream and vision for the world.

Experience the fulfillment of sharing your passion with the world in an elegant, authentic environment.


Get bogged down in the details and never get to see your dream realized.

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Happy Customers

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Hello and welcome to Providencia!

After years of pursuing our dreams on our own, we created Providencia with the sole purpose helping folks pursue their dreams.

Why?  Because chasing your dreams is hard to do alone.

At Providencia, you will be supported by a professional, caring community as you share your vision with the world.

Put on your next event at Providencia Pond Retreat!

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